Production And Introduction Of Healds


With the improvement of our processing facility and man […]

With the improvement of our processing facility and manufacturing ability, we are now able to produce heald frames with high precision, long endurance. The quality is comparable to European make and the cost is quite lower. We have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in heald frame, applied in high-speed air-jet looms, water jet looms, rapier loom, and projectile loom.
Heald frames can be also be divided into two types, singular, and multiple types. In singular type, everything pcs of heald frame only attach with one row of heald wire; in multiple types, everything heald frame can attach 2 to 4 rows of Heald Wire , to weave high warp density fabrics.
The arrangement density of Heald wire should not exceed the capacity of the Heald frame, as it will intensify the friction to the warp yarn and hence lead to more warp breakage.
As an integrated supplier of weave machines, we are now providing electronic jacquard machines, high-speed rapier looms, low-speed rapier looms, jacquard looms, terry towel looms, industrial fabric looms, air-jet looms, and water-jet looms. These weaving looms embody features of European looms, as well as our unique design and technique. Diversified product range, reasonable price, and first-class quality have enabled us to provide specialized and right solutions for clients with different weaving needs.
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